Probably my favorite thing at the New York Art Book Fair. Poster by Matthew Scott Gualco.

After sitting on these for a while I’m parting with a few of my Ways Out zines, in an effort to get a box-set with essay together this fall. You can see more about them on my website, or at the webstore

They’re limited edition, digital print on paper and vellum - documentation/meditation on queer/feminist houses in Brooklyn and Berlin - manifestations of domestic safer spaces that I’ve been fascinated with for quite a while. 


@laurendenitzio on Ello because we all needed another social network, right? 

Last night I finally picked up a copy of Liz Prince's Tomboy at the event at Word in Greenpoint. As someone who grew up a tomboy (still is a tomboy?) I’m excited to read a full graphic novel from Liz on the topic, memoir style. More punks discussing gender expression, please.

Go check out her comics! 


i’ve reblogged this before, reblogging it again because it’s comprehensive + useful + important + i want to print it out and put it up everywhere right now

Phone photos from tour.

We went some places and did some things. Todd Killings left a mark on Detroit and I saw some great bands…and cats. My book and As You Were #3 are now a part of the zine library at the Trumbullplex!

What, the fuck, is the internet

I’m going to make a conscious effort to use tumblr more, mostly to show what I’ve been making and share more of the things my friends/the folks I follow are up to. I’m not entirely sure what it means to change settings so that people can post replies, or so that search engines can archive this, but those are both things I just did - so we’ll see how this goes. xo Lauren



Marissa and Dawn made a great thing!